Barr-Nunn Offers Practical Mile Pay Program

For Immediate Release

Barr-Nunn Offers The Industry`s Best Pay Package...And Keeps On Improving It With New Practical Mile Pay Program

Granger, IA, December 29, 2005 Barr-Nunn Transportation is a widely acclaimed provider of highest quality transportation and logistics services to over 500 customers across the nation. What makes us stand out is our vision, which enables us to create impeccable services and empowered careers. At Barr-Nunn, we want our Drivers and Owner Operators to be happy, so we work hard to respond to their needs and give them all the advantages they deserve.

Today we`re very excited as we continue to prove how the difference is real at Barr-Nunn. Through much research and Driver feedback, we are pleased to announce our New Practical Mile Pay package for 2006. Effective for all loads picked up May 1st, 2006 or after, all cent-per-mile paid Company Drivers and Owner Operators will enjoy Practical Mileage Pay. This new pay system, which will more accurately reflect your paid miles to actual trip miles, has been a much requested item in virtually every discussion with our Drivers and Owner Operators - so you know we really listen to your feedback.

The new Practical Mile Pay is not Hub miles and will not match to your exact miles driven, but will be closer than the industry standard Rand McNally Shortest pay system. The new system will help you earn substantially more money and pay you more closely for what you do. Practical Mileage Pay will allow our Company Drivers to gain more from our 401(k) program and earn safety, longevity pay increases, and appreciation bonuses even faster. The new system will allow our Owner Operators to earn safety pay increases faster, earn more money for fuel surcharges and, of course, earn more money overall.

And here`s more exciting news:*For company drivers, we are enhancing our Barr-Nunn $500 appreciation bonuses by 20% to a new Barr-Nunn appreciation bonus of $600. That is an ongoing $600 payment to you, paid at the completion of every 60K miles and $600 for each yearly anniversary for weekly-paid Drivers. Any Driver due to receive an appreciation bonus January 6th or after will now receive $600, which is equivalent to 1 cent per mile on practical miles.

*Effective February 10th, over the road drivers with 1-6 years of experience will see an increase in starting linehaul pay to 40 cents per mile and over the road drivers with 7+ years of experience will see an increase in starting linehaul pay to 41 cents per mile. By adding in our two cent per mile 401k contribution, the 1 cent per mile Barr-Nunn $600 payment and considering our industry leading mileage band pay program, Barr-Nunn company drivers will earn between 43 cents and 78 cents per mile on all miles driven ON PRACTICAL MILES. And, once you join our team your base pay can increase as fast as 1.5 cents per year! No other company offers more.

We continue to make sure that the Difference Is Real at Barr-Nunn, time and time again.The process is never over. Practical mile pay, higher pay rates per mile, faster increases, mileage band pay, Barr-Nunn $600 appreciation bonus, unmatched 401(k) program, $1.14 per gallon fuel protection guarantee for Owner Operators, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, new equipment and much more - is continued proof that we want our Drivers and Owner Operators to be happy. We want to thank all our Drivers who have helped us design and improve the best pay package in the industry.

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