Small Fleet Owners - Trucking Jobs

Small Fleet Owners can utilize TruckFLIX`s services to find Small Fleet Leases offered by top trucking companies that offer some of the best lease programs in the industry!

If you are looking for a new Small Fleet lease opportunity for your fleet you can begin your quest for that perfect trucking company by having your drivers complete our Driver Job Application. On the application, please be sure your driver selects "Owner Operator" under the driver information section. Then select the trucking company of your choice at the end of the application process.

If you already have trucks leased to our member companies, please have any new driver applicants you may hire in the future fill out an online application and again choose only the trucking company that you are leased to at the end of the application process. That driver`s application will only be sent to the company you choose. This can allow you to be sure your potential driver meets that company`s qualifications and may speed up the lease process. has partner/member companies that offer the best Owner Operator and Small Fleet Leasing opportunities in the trucking industry

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