Post Trucking Jobs

Post Trucking Jobs

Our local/regional job posting service allows you to target truck drivers in your hiring area who have an interest in driving for a trucking company with local and regional runs.

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Post Trucking Jobs Features

  • Job postings are listed for 30 days
  • Discounts offered on purchasing multiple listings at once
  • Option to renew listing for $20.00
  • Job listings can be edited for up to 24 hours
  • Applications delivered via email
  • Targets drivers within job's hiring area
  • No limits on the number of applications received
  • Ability to specify different email addresses where apps should be sent for each job posting
  • Unlimited text within job's description
  • At the end of the driver's application process, your job posting will automatically be displayed if the driver is within the hiring area and is interested in a local or regional job
  • Viewable order history within account area
Post Trucking Jobs Pricing
1 Job Posting for $40.00
5 Job Postings for $175.00
10 Job Postings for $300.00
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Who Is This For?

Our local/regional trucking job listing service is ideal for trucking companies who are hiring drivers for local and regional runs. Your job posting will be displayed to those drivers who are within your job's hiring area and who are interested in local/regional trucking jobs. Whether you need to post one trucking job, or have several trucking terminals that are hiring, our local/regional trucking job board service will help you find qualified drivers looking for employment.

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1)
First, you'll need to create your account. Please click the "Create Account" button above, and fill out the short registration form on the following page.

Step 2)
After creating your account, you'll need to activate it (an email will be sent to you with activation instructions).

Step 3)
After account activation, you may log into your account. Do this by entering your username and password in the login box at the top of this page.

Step 4)
Once logged in, you'll need to purchase some credits (pricing above). One credit is good for one job posting. By purchasing multiple credits at once, you receive a discount.

Step 5)
After purchasing credit(s), you can then submit a local/regional trucking job posting that will be displayed on TruckFLIX's "Local/Regional Job Board" for 30 days.