Apps On Demand

Apps On Demand

Our truck driver application search service is designed for trucking companies who wish to purchase applications as they need them.

If you are a trucking company looking for more exposure at, please look over our Membership Plans.

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Apps On Demand Features

  • FREE Account Setup!
  • FREE Application Search!
  • Search our database of thousands of truck driver applications
  • Purchase only those driver apps that meet your qualifications
  • Save the "best of the best" apps before you buy them
  • Purchase application credits as you need them
  • Set status of purchased apps to "In Processing" or "Completed"
  • Search your purchased apps separately from those in our database
  • Save your favorite/most used searches for quick app results
  • Print driver applications using our Printer Friendly version
Driver Application Pricing
10 Driver Applications for $50.00
25 Driver Applications for $100.00
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How Does It Work?

The TruckFLIX Apps On Demand service allows you to search our database for pre-qualified driver applications. Our extensive application search will find company drivers and owner operators that possess the qualifications your company requires for hiring. You only purchase applications when you find those that meet your requirements, and you wish to view their identifying information so you can contact them. You are not obligated to purchase anything!

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1)
First, you'll need to create your FREE account. Do so by clicking the create account at the top of this page, and filling out the short form on the following page.

Step 2)
After creating your account, you'll be presented with a link to log into your account. Please use the username and password you entered when creating your account.

Step 3)
Once logged in, you'll be viewing your account home page. From there you can search for drivers, update your profile, view account details, and much more! You will want to begin with our driver search to see how many applications meet your requirements.

Step 4)
While browsing the driver applications that have met your requirements, we suggest saving them to your "Saved App" list. This is done by clicking the "Save Application" button at the bottom of each application.

Step 5)
Once you have saved all the apps you wish to save for now, visit your account home page, and click the "Purchase Application Credits" link so you can buy those saved apps & be able to view their contact info.